Air Diagnostics, Inc - licensed, bonded and insured.  ADI is a fully licensed, bonded and insured Test and Balance Contractor with a unique service known as  “performance based contracting.”  Owned and operated by Mr. Rick Pressley. In addition to his 28 year field application, with hands on experience,  Mr. Pressley has worked directly with engineers and architects to design HVAC equipment and maximize performance by proper application and installation. The testing of your equipment is performed at an engineered level. inefficiency in a system causes the system to run under more strain which causes higher power bills with less performance and more component failures.
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About Us ATTENTION: Now covering 150 mile radius from Charlotte, NC . Air Diagnostics, Inc. is a certified air balancing company fully licensed, bonded and insured. - 28 years experience in commercial HVAC systems. - Certified / authorized in TRANE and CARRIER software operation for VAV systems. - Registered with and approved for North Lake and South Park Mall. - Multiple teams available for quick response. Providing the following services: - Certified air / water balancing for HVAC systems. - HVAC system efficiency and performance testing. - Commercial kitchen exhaust hood performance testing. - Commercial kitchen exhaust hood test and balance. - Commercial kitchen exhaust troubleshooting and repairs. WHY ? SYSTEM PERFORMANCE TESTING with detailed report: - Repeated trouble with a system. - We provide detailed evaluation with reports and recommendations. - Ventilation or air flow problems through systems or facility. - System runs constantly but not cooling to sized tonnage capacity. - Kitchen area in restaurant to warm or in a negative pressure. - Smoke roll out from under hood. - Building in a negative pressure. 704-824-8333 or Toll Free 1-888-611-3011 NOTE: A submittal package with company profile can be provided upon request.
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